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BD Visual Tech


1. How much time lasts a photo session?

A photo session lasts a minimum of 30 minutes.

2. How many photos do I receive?

You are the one choosing the number of photos.

3. How long does it take to receive the photos?

Somewhere between 24 hours and 45 days, depending on the complexity of the event or the photo session.

4. How to arrange a meeting?

You can contact us by phone, e-mail, facebook, instagram.

5. How do I pay for the photo service you provided me?

Cash or by account, following the contract we signed it.

6. Is it necessary to meet before the photo session?

A prior meeting is recommended to establish certain details, but it isn’t mandatory.

7. Do you take photos like official documents?

Yes, we do. We can take visa photos in compliance with the compliance with the requirements imposed by the institutions.